Week 7 of ENT 650: Etsy SEO (sell more items)

  • Add more meaningful terms that shoppers are likely to search.
  • Keep the most important search terms at the beginning of the title/listing to maximize their importance in the search. Etsy assumes the most important words come first.  The first 40 characters are most critical for your SEO success.
  • Include keywords in both your title and tags.
  • Stay away from cutesy names. Your customers are not going to know these, so they won’t be searching for those key terms.  Be as clear as possible.
  • Don’t use crafty or technical terms, you can add these to your description and tags area.
  • Titles should be composed of keyword phrases or 2 or more words. Example:  Thanksgiving Wreath | Autumn Wreath | Fall Wreath
  • Use only keywords in the title and tags that you have researched and know that shoppers are using on Etsy and Google.
  • Long tail keywords (search terms with 3 or more words) are easier to rank than short tail keywords. Example: “white diamond engagement ring” vs “engagement ring”
  • Tag order is irrelevant, add them in any order.
  • When your items have multiple colors, try using different tags such as blue wreath, red wreath, white wreath instead of one tag such as blue red white wreath.
  • Utilize all 13 tags.
  • Include synonyms for your most popular words.
  • The same keywords that you used in the title should be included in the item description. Etsy doesn’t track the items descriptions but Google does, so your item will be better positioned in Google searches than items with no keywords in the description.
  • Don’t use the same descriptions for the same or similar items. Google will see these pages as duplicate content.  Change the order of sentences, etc. just don’t copy the same text from one listing to another.
  • Add links to your item description to your Etsy homepage or shop sections.
  • Use the exact search phrase you are targeting for your product in the first 100 characters of your product description.
  • Write descriptions that sell! What are the benefits not the features?
  • The longer your product description is, the better.
October 11, 2017

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