Greatest Marketing Campaigns – Magazine Ads

Here are my Five (5) Magazine Ad  Analysis

Check these print ads out and let me know what you think about them.  Were they able to portray a message, that consumers would instantly understand?


Weight Watchers

Wow!  This ad is very powerful.  It’s a weight watchers, loose weight ad.  Everyone has heard of weight watchers, or at least seen the TV commercials.  This ad says a lot without saying anything!  It plays on your emotions, especially if you are someone struggling with weight issues.  The ad could be pursuing you to join weight watchers, but it doesn’t tell you that.  You simply see the bigger door for entering and the smaller door for leaving.  So, why wouldn’t I join weight watchers if I could leave smaller than what I entered/started with.  The target market is geared toward anyone struggling to loose weight, but really I think it is geared toward women, we take these things more to heart.  I would purchase the weight watchers system if in fact, I would leave smaller than what I started.  There are so many weight watchers products out there, you have to find the best one that will work for you.  They have an online community, meetings in person, food products, and so much more.



McDonald’s: Free Wi-Fi

McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi ad is great.  Very simple, but it is saying something big.  Come into McDonald’s enjoy our free Wi-Fi and have some great food too.  Did you notice the Wi-Fi symbol is french fries?  They didn’t have to add anything else to this magazine ad, it says it all.  It sort of makes me want to go and get some fries now, knowing that I will have free Wi-Fi too!  The ad pulls you in with free internet, but you know you’ll buy something too.  This ad is for everyone who loves to eat and those who are looking to set up shop and use their internet.  It’s like I’m getting a two for one deal, so why not go here instead of other restaurants.  The value proposition is to buy food, but the ad doesn’t say that.  When I see a restaurant ad, I seem to always want to eat afterwards.



Durex: Cheaper

When I first saw this ad, all I could say was wow!  Some might get offended by it, but I was like, wow — yes, this is so true.  It’s a simple ad – but it made you feel something.  I think this ad is humorous, but very powerful at the same time.  It’s saying, look if you don’t want kids or can’t afford them, here is a product that can help you for only $2.50.  This ad was to make you think before doing something you might regret in the future.  Children are very expensive and it takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication to be good parents.  And, if you are not ready for that, then here’s a product for you.  The target market, I would say would be for anyone, but especially teens to younger adults.  It portrays a bigger picture to younger audiences, they can actually see what their actions would cost them.  It makes you want to go spend the $2.50 on protection.  The reason we buy Durex is to protect ourselves and to eliminate the of starting a family too soon when someone is not ready.



Reese’s- Birthday Ad

Um, yeah!  Every day is your birthday with a Reese’s, yes, now can I have one?  I love this candy, and my favorite Reese’s cups are all of the holiday designs.  Christmas trees, hearts, Easter eggs, oh my!  The response I get when I see this ad, is to go and buy myself a Reese’s, because why not celebrate ever day like it’s your birthday?  Life is too short to not enjoy every moment.  I think the ad is trying to tell us that, you know.  Enjoy ever day, and if you happen to eat a Reese’s that’s even better!  The target audience is everyone who loves chocolate.  We want to purchase and enjoy this candy so that we can celebrate each day and the victories that come with it.  Now, I want some chocolate.

Source:  Google Images


GQ Hogan Brazil Magazine Ad

This is too funny!  It def. makes you read and understand the whole ad because of the funny picture.  “If you aren’t that wrestler, just don’t” — I love this!  The ad is for GQ Magazine, where they teach style to men.  So, if in fact you are not Hulk Hogan, then don’t wear this mustache!   The purpose of this ad is to get you to buy the magazine, to maybe help the man in your life (or yourself), if you don’t have style.  The target market is for men, because maybe they think they look good, but then see this and think they may need some help after all.  And, the target audience market could be women, because they want some tips on how to help their men not become this.  The value proposition, is to buy the magazine to learn some valuable style tips so you don’t look foolish.


April 21, 2017

  • Hi Christina,
    I had some good laughs with your magazine ad choices. I needed to go to Durex’s website to understand what you were talking about. The price difference says it all with no words and great use of consequences with the stroller. The same with the McDonald’s ad. 3 simple fries and immediately I know they have wifi. I agree that the Weight Watcher’s ad is targeted as most of their advertising is to women. It is a good ad but a shame they do not target men especially with the dangerous side effects from obesity. Amazing that even though Hulk Hogan is out of wrestling and the public eye his moustache is still relevant. Do you think he gets a any royalties for this ad?

    • Hi Cece,

      Thanks for the great feedback/comments. I wonder that too about Hulk Hogan? I hope he gets something! And, it is crazy that we still think of him when we see that crazy mustache!

  • The graphic works for WW since neither door is “normal.” But I find it is ingenuous. Practically no one loses that much weight. And the right door is far too skinny. We need sellers (and weight watchers is selling a product) to be honest with buyers in terms of expected outcomes. If Uber told you it would get you home in 5 minutes and you lived 20 minutes away you’d be pretty annoyed with their marketing.
    Love the McDonald’s ad. Simple, clear and uses their brand items and colors well. Kudos to them (but I still don’t eat there, and recommend no one does).
    As a father of 3 kids, I appreciate that kids cost 100K at least before you send them to college. So this ad is far off the mark for me. Mostly it attempts to take on a huge concept (the value/cost of children) it’s a loser ad in my book.
    I feel Reeces pain, they want us to like them as much as people like a birthday cake, but the huge candle stuck in the middle of a half eaten piece of candy doesn’t work for me. If I saw it for real, I certainly wouldn’t eat it; I would probably blow out the candle and throw it out figuring someone left it as a prank.
    Love the GQ ad. Recognizable, simple, logical, humorous. Spot on even though I am not a GQ type person.

    • Hi Brad,

      Thanks for the comments! And, I agree about the WW ad. I think I liked it so much, because I’m struggling with the whole weight issue. And, I saw an exit that was smaller than the entrance, and it made me think — yep I can do that too! I didn’t really feel or think about the number on the scale, but about the feeling that WW can help me achieve. And, yes I would be pretty upset with Uber if they did that!

  • Great ads Christina!

    Thanks for a nice selection to review. I liked the Durex ad. Well done for sure! That really made you look a moment and figure out what is happening there. No one wants to spend $200 on a baby seat (more than likely) – therefore this add hits home with it’s product cost of only $2.50 to prevent this unsettling feeling the viewer just witnessed. I also like the simplicity of the Mc Donald’s ad (they have the marketing thing down pat).


    • Hi!,

      Some of these companies need no help at all when it comes to marketing. Some people may think that Durex ad was too much, but for the right target audience it was perfect. And, yes I agree McDonald’s needs no help at all, they got it!

  • Christina Williams,

    I enjoyed your post – The Weight Watchers ad caught my eye immediately. I have been saying I want to lose a few pounds and have not accomplished this goal. Looking at this ad gives you motivation – makes you really think. I thought so much – I needed a cheese burger from your next ad…McDonald’s always makes you feel good. lol But, seriously, your ads did make a point without the use of a whole lot of words. They always say a picture is worth a million words.

  • Your magazine ads were great and had me laughing with some, like the Durex ad. At first glance, I did not get it then I saw the bottom price for Durex and immediately laughed. I think this too was a great way to spark a reader’s mind on the powerful message of the costs of children. The target market you mentioned is definitely the market for this ad. The other ad from Reese’s for the birthday was simple and does make you feel special when you get one. My favorites are the holiday Reese’s too. My husband always surprises me with these when they are in stores, and it does make me feel special when he does that, like it is my birthday. Great post for all your ads!!

    • Hey Colleen,

      Thanks for a great comment! Again, too many great choices! Yes, that Durex one really made me laugh hard, but it was so true! And, yes if you want me to do something for you, you can always bribe me with the holiday Reese’s — I love them a little too much!

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