Greatest Marketing Campaign – Outdoor Ads

Here are my Five (5) Outdoor Ads Analysis

Check these Outdoor ads and let me know what you think about them.  Were they able to portray a message, that consumers would instantly understand?


This ad is for Miele Vacuum Cleaner company.  Funny?  Witty?  YES!

It screams, our vacuum so powerful it can suck up anything, literally anything!  I love this!

The target audience is anyone who cleans, and for a busy mom like myself I’m thinking I need to get one of these vacuums.  It’s so powerful and it will clean better than my old one, and probably faster too. They hit a home run with this ad.  I bet they sold a lot of vacuums.

This makes me want to look up the company online, watch some videos about the product, and purchase it myself.



Star Wars Episode Three

Simple, yet dramatic!  Right?  I love this!  I love everything witty, and this hit a home run.  I love the three lights and how they represent light sabers.  Catchy!   This ad didn’t need anything else, because the target audience knows exactly what they are saying.  This movie is now in theaters, buy your ticket, come enjoy the movie.

The target audience is movie lovers, especially the Star Wars Fans.  I love this ad.



Sonic Big Slushes

So cool!  I like this ad, because it’s simple yet grabs your attention.  It’s big and powerful!  We all love sonic, but when you see this, you feel as though you really need that drink right now.  Everyone loves a cool drink, especially if it’s a hot sunny day when you drive by this billboard.  Sonic wants you to stop by and buy a drink, and what goes better with a drink?  Food!  This ad could bring in more revenue too. The target audience is everyone, but I feel that if kids see this, they are going to go crazy and want their parents to immediately go to Sonic and buy this for them.  We’ve all been there, right?   The billboard looks tasty and we feel the need to go and satisfy a craving.  And, while we are at Sonic’s we might just purchase other tasty treats.



Open at Night

What restaurant is this, I wonder?  It’s crazy how the two golden arches stand out and we know exactly what we are looking at when we see them.  This ad is letting us know that McDonald’s is open when you are hungry!  This ad targets everyone, we all love to eat.  The action this ad wants us to take, is to visit a McDonald’s where ever you are and now, whenever too.

Source:  Google Images


Eat more Chicken

These Chick-Fil-A ads are funny and entertaining to all ages.  It’s the whole play on words thing that gets me!  We see two cows painting the sign to tell us to eat more “Chickin”, not beef — they don’t want to be eaten.  This ad makes you want to stop what you are doing and go to Chick-fil-a and eat some great chicken.  The target audience is everyone, especially kids they are easily entertained.  We want to purchase chicken, because the cows on this sign are so cute, we couldn’t possibly harm them, right?

Source:  Google Images

April 21, 2017

  • Christina,
    Great ad choices. All the billboards were turned into 3 D ads and I think it adds something interesting for the viewer to remember. Here in North Carolina the Chick Filet are everywhere. I am waiting for those cows to start talking one day. The Miele ad makes me think it might be even be better than my Dyson.

  • Hi Christina,
    So glad you got out door advertising posted. I have been waiting for some more because this is my favorite advertising.
    Helicopter: I love ads that think outside of the box and especially if it is 3 Dimensional.
    Star Wars Episode Three: This was beyond me but I did not grow up in this country so I guess I am not to understand it. That is ok?
    Sonic Big Slushes: It is eye catching. I just don’t know it makes me want to run out to Sonics.
    Open at Night: I know many will catch the innuendo but at first glance I thought the poster just was not posted yet and I think others would also.
    Eat more Chicken: I have seen many of these ads and think they will catch peoples eye and are fun and funny. Love funny.

    • Hey Mary,

      Thanks for taking a look at my ad selections and for the comments. I too love the more creative ones like the helicopter 3-D ad. I love the cows that market for Chick Fil-A, right who doesn’t love animals and humor?

  • I don’t really associate helicopters with vacuum cleaners so the added expense of putting a helicopter on the sign seems unnecessary and wasteful.
    The sonic ad doesn’t work for me but on a hot day I want water. I would have given the straw more contrast.
    McDonald’s ad is brilliant how it uses the brand to create a recognizable image. It’s kind of a puzzle, but one that you figure out quickly.
    I too love the Chick-Fil-A marketing. They are consistent and funny. They use the same strategy throughout their marketing – to great effect.

  • Well, the helicopter ad nails it. I have never studied vacuum cleaners all that much personally, but with advertising like that I wouldn’t mind owning something like that!

    For the McDonalds ad, I recently watched The Founder and found the way the Kroc character described the Golden Arches as on par with the American flag on courthouses and the cross on churches pretty striking. Maybe it’s a hyperbolic statement, but when you look at Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me documentary and see kids identifying Ronald McDonald more readily than Jesus or George Washington, you have to admit what a powerful force that symbol has in our society.

  • Christina,
    Great job on ad analyses. I agree with Nick about McDonald’s advertisements. If you notice most of them rarely have words, just a simple photo with a clear cut message either highlighting the golden arches or the fries. They also use the Red background with the gold picture to reinforce their trademark colors.

  • These outdoor ads were good. They all were simple ads with to the point messages. The ad for Miele Vacuum Cleaner company is funny. I like how they showed the strength of their vacuum with the helicopter. Also, the target market is spot on and I am right there with you, plus my family says I have a vacuum issue…too many. I am always trying to find that one great vacuum with the suction power to pull a helicopter out of the sky. One of the other ads the Chick-Fil-A ads. These ads always make me laugh with the work the cows are doing to get people to eat more chicken. Great job Christina!!

    • Hey Colleen,

      I loved these outdoor ads too. There were too many great examples to use. I have to say I’m like that too, when it comes to vacuum cleaners — I want the most suction power I can have! And, of course I love the Chick Fil-A cows 🙂 You know the instant you see them, what they are talking about, and they make you laugh!

  • Hi Christina,

    The billboards you chose were a lot of fun to review. The vacuum ad was quite eye-catching. I only wish most vacuum cleaners were that effective. 🙂

    The Chick-Fil-A boards are always good. It’s hard not to like those self-preserving cows. But, I think the most on-brand and best use of the medium (and its limitations) is McDonald’s. Although, I have to wonder if those lights and light patterns are real and how effective this ad would be during the daytime.

  • Hi Christina!

    Wow, that vacuum ad had me going for a second! It was pretty realistic. But it’s so clever, i mean, who wouldn’t want a vacuum that could suck a helicopter right out of the air? Surely dirt will be no match for such a machine.

    I also like how these billboards/signs use 3D visuals to convey their message. So much of our world is 2D these days with computer and cell phone screens. As a result, adding that extra dimension can really make an advertisement “pop.”

    Great job,

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