Greatest Marketing Campaigns TV Analysis

Here are the five (5) ads I selected and reviewed, hope you enjoy!

Domino’s Pay Challenge

Wow!  Where have I been?  I’m not into sports, but I can see this app being popular among sports enthusiasts and pizza lovers.  Who thought of this app?  It’s very social, indeed.  You log into the Domino’s app on your smart phone and tap the “Domino’s Pay Challenge”.  You then select the game or sports event you are attending, select your favorite pizza, bump your phones together with the one you are betting with, and that’s it.  Your pizza will be delivered and after the game the loser will pay for the pizza (automatically from the app).

This TV ad applies to everyone!  Pizza lovers, sports enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a good bet!

I think the ad objective was to inform you about this app and how you can create social events with your friends where ever you are.  The ad was not about selling pizza, but you will purchase pizza because that’s part of the betting.  The app leads to more sales, based on the events that you and your friends like to enjoy.

I love Domino’s Pizza, I’m just not a big sports fan.  But, if I were, I would be downloading the app and winning some free pizza by betting against my friends!  I think we all love to win, and why not win free pizza?

Check out the TV ad,


Unlikely Best Friends – Chance

WARNING:  Before you watch it get your tissues ready!  I didn’t, so I’m warning you.  This TV ad spoke directly to your emotions and made you feel connected.

It’s a Kleenex ad, but it’s so much more.  The ad made you see life in a bigger way, and to experience pure love.  I’m a sucker for any animal commercial, but this one was unique.  The dog was hit by a car and now is paralyzed, but he doesn’t let anything stop him.  He even has a wheel chair device, and when he is in it, he’s a regular playful dog.  His owner knew that they were meant to be together, and they let nothing hold them back.  The owner is paralyzed too, and he understands the dog better than anyone.  They have a unique loving bond!

Everyone can relate to this message.  I believe the message is LOVE!  Love yourself, love others no matter what they are going through, be brave, don’t give up, be thankful, I mean I can keep going, but I think you get the point.

Watch the TV ad, 


Brand New

Here’s another car ad.  I love it!  The ad was humorous, showcasing a family that bought a new “high tech” car, and didn’t need their old things/services anymore.  With this new car you won’t need to stop and get gas as much, better MPG.  You won’t need help loading any groceries, you just swipe your foot under the car and the hatch raises.  You won’t need to have someone park your car anymore, you have the new park assistance.

The value of a high tech car saves you a lot of time and energy on ordinary things.  You can enjoy you family time more.  Ford doesn’t tell you to go out and buy a new car, but after seeing all of the great new features that your car doesn’t have, you just might want a brand new car.  I know I love instant gratification, and this car does that in a variety of ways.

Watch the TV ad,


Look Who’s Driving

This is such a cute and entertaining TV commercial.  Well, maybe cute is not the right word.  But, I had to watch it twice and probably will watch it again.  It’s about Volvo, and how the build the toughest truck yet.  When I say truck, it’s a beast!

They have this adorable little girl driving it via remote control, she’s like 6 or 7 maybe.  She doesn’t know how to drive and when something goes wrong, the look on her face is defeat, but give it a second and she’s off again.

The ad showcased the strength and endurance that this big work truck has and what it can do for you.  If you are in this type of work, you must get one!  Most of us would have probably changed the channel, if we weren’t looking for a big work truck.  BUT, it was so entertaining with this sweet little girl, that you watched the entire ad.

Volvo wants to make a stand and offer the toughest truck out there.

Watch the ad,


The Walking Dead Chop Shop

This is another car commercial and it’s great!  Hyundai and the Walking Dead together!  WOW!  I love the walking dead, but didn’t realize in the show that they drove a lot of Hyundai’s.  Now, I’ll have to go back and watch some shows just to see if I can spot these cars.

This commercial revealed a Social event/project that got everyone hooked.  It’s a great add for car lovers, and even better for Walking Dead fans.  We think about the apocalypse and think how can we protect ourselves?  Well, Hyundai created “The Walking Dead Chop Shop”, where you can go and create your battle car by adding all kinds of zombie proof features.

This social activity got everyone involved, we all want to survive the zombie apocalypse!  They even built a fan’s winning car and revealed it at Comic Con.  WOW!

So, with all of the advertising among the Walking Dead fans, I think some of them probably purchased their next new car with Hyundai.

Watch the ad,



April 8, 2017

  • Hi Christina!

    Great selection of ads and excellent work with your analysis! I also chose to examine the Kleanex ad, and it’s really is a tear jerker. Definitely makes me need one of their products.

    Next up: I think my next car needs to be a Volvo FMX truck! That was an amazing commercial, and it really showed the strength of their truck while also making you say “awee!” the entire time. Not to mention, the ad was very entertaining. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy trucks ramming through buildings?

    All the best,

  • Brand New was probably my favorite of these ads. I liked the unforced and humorous tone and the way they were able to work in their selling points in an unobtrusive way. There is also the unspoken implication that when you buy this car you’re going to be doing different, fun and/or exotic activities – all you need to do is buy the car and Escape (TM)!

    The realization that the commercial demonstrates the act of “escaping” proves a little too on the nose for my taste. But I would probably not have picked up on the fact the commercial does that if I hadn’t been mulling it over. I think the average viewer will just make that unconscious connection with “fun stuff” and the car. The ad works whether people make the mental connection or not.

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