• Hello Christina,
    I enjoyed the SWOT analysis you created on Youtube. I think you have a great start to your analysis. You offered great detail about your company and yourself and what you offer to your customers. Your strengths showed your persistence to continue educating yourself and the dedication you have for your field. This gave me as a consumer confidence in what you do, and made me interested in what you offer. The weaknesses you mentioned for yourself are things all busy individuals deal with and I like that you mentioned you are getting better. Also, the resources section that too is an area that many entrepreneurs have in common. Your opportunities section tells how good you must be to have such a strong following. In this section, I would add any customer comments or messages of thanks for the work you have done. I just thought that would add a little support to your opportunities section. The threats section definitely sounds like a difficult battle, but you mentioned you were going to test the waters. Good luck with it and I hope it works out!! I truly enjoyed your SWOT analysis. Great job!!

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