Greatest Marketing Campaigns Radio Analysis

Here are the five (5) ads I selected and reviewed, hope you enjoy!

 4 G Roadtrip:  Radio Mercury Award

This ad is about a new Chevrolet and how it has 4 G WiFi built in.  Essentially, the ad is about purchasing a new car.  But the bonus is 4G – who wouldn’t want a car with internal WiFi?  The ad describes a family with teenagers going on their first road trip together.  With having a teenager, this hit home, because on long road trips they get tired and cranky and ask “Are we there yet?”  The ad described the car ride and how each family member was using the 4G and how the dad felt about this.

While the ad was aimed at car buyers, the emotions portrayed hit home with anyone that has ever been on a road trip with family.  We understand exactly how the dad felt in this commercial.  We will keep this ad in mind, the next time we go car shopping.  This 4 G is a great new feature that we must have, right?

The next time someone purchases a car, they may think Chevrolet first because they remembered this catchy jingle about a family road trip and how the 4 G kept the family from going crazy on the long drive.  We all want convenience, and having a car with it’s own WiFi, 4G, network built in is exactly what we need in any car for any trip.  Kids are happy with the Internet and parents are happy that they don’t have to pay for their phone/data bill.  Win – Win, don’t you think?

Listen to the 4G Road trip ad here:


Feeling Trapped DWI

This radio ad is promoting a lawyer “Trapp and Associates”.  The title of the ad is spot on, I love word play!  The ad gives you a “visual” of why you would need to call a lawyer, starting with a guy getting pulled over and taken to jail for DWI.  The play by play is all about the experience in jail and then asking for bail.  🙂

By listening to the ad, I thought to myself no way do I want to be where this guy is.  It has a catchy jingle, and it really paints the picture of getting arrested and going to jail.  This guy did not have a good experience and was ready to get out.  The ad didn’t push the law office services, like some other lawyers do.  It simply walked you visually through the process of jail and to make you realize you don’t want to be there.  BUT, if you do end up there, give “Trapp and Associates” a call.

This ad was made for anyone.  We are all humans and we make mistakes, and if we are in trouble then there is a way out by calling the lawyer’s office and paying for their service.

At the end of the ad, they promote their website by saying “If this should happen to you, go to www……”.  I thought it was a bit funny hearing that after, I just painted the picture of a guy going to jail, in jail, and you want them to visit your website.  I know that’s not what the ad meant, but that’s how I pictured it.

Listen to the Feeling Trapped DWI ad here:


Start the Conversation

This quick radio ad is about cemetery property.  A couple is happy that they got the conversation started about where they will be buried when the time comes.  They were uncomfortable with the topic, but stated once they got started, it was an easy process.  The ad then tells the listener where to go “to take care of tomorrow today”.  I liked their tag line!

It is so important to talk about these things now, and to have a plan in place for your family.  We know we all have to leave this earth one day, but “talking” about that it hard for some.  This ad made me feel comfortable with the idea, like I need to put a plan together.  There is no age limit for these types of things, we want to prepare ourselves and our families for tomorrow.

Everyone will need this service, so the ad didn’t need to be pushy, it was simply stating that you need to “Start the conversation” today.

Listen to the ad here:


Know My Voice

This ad got to me!  It made an emotional connection right from the beginning.  It made me want to do more now!  This ad started in an audio/computer voice that you know you know from somewhere.  Then it explains who the voice belongs to, a 12 year old girl.  Then the “ad” talked to us about how we can donate our voice and help millions of people get their voice back.  What?  Donate our voice?  I had no idea that this was even possible.

Do you know what I did after hearing the ad?  I went to the website they told me about, you can visit it to at  I am in awe, I’m not sure why.  I think I need to leave my “personal bubble” sometimes, and see what the world is really doing.  I’m amazed at how technology is helping everyone in almost every situation.  From the vocal ID website, you can learn more about this technology, donate your voice, and start a voice drive!  WOW, indeed.

This ad was to inform the public about a service that can help millions.  Hopefully when people hear this ad, they will take action.  The emotion you feel listening and then understanding why this company does it, will make you want to change.  Change your mindset, change how you see technology, change our “busy” mindset and take a step back, change……What did it make you do?

Listen here at:


Morse Code

This radio ad is a commercial about juicy fruit chewing gum.  It’s two people having a conversation, well the guy is trying to talk to the girl.  He assumes she is using Morse code because she’s too busy chewing and enjoying her juicy fruit gum.  Then he asks her out, well all you here is a lot of beeps, sounds, etc. (Morse code).  I’m thinking wow, she sure does have a lot to say about that yes/no question.

The guy then says “A no would have been fine.”  Made me laugh!  At the end of the commercial, you hear the push to enjoy their product, juicy fruit gum.

I think this ad was made for everyone, well anyone who likes to chew gum!  They want you to buy their gum.  The ad made you want to enjoy their gum, like the two people in the ad.

Listen here at:

Comments?  I would love to hear what you think about these radio commercials.  You can browse more at 


March 23, 2017

  • Christina,
    I enjoyed your radio ad selections. My favorite by far is the Know Your Voice. I have never heard of this organization, and I am so glad you brought it to our attention. At first, I thought I was listening to Stephen Hawking and to my surprise it was a little girl. I agree, the ad draws the listener in and gives them a reason to respond to a great cause.

    Feeling Trapped was my least favorite although, I do like the play on words with firm name. They gave great imagery, and I am sure it left a lasting impression on the listener (it did for me anyway). Consequently, that might have actually been the point.

    The Start the Conversation ad was short and concise. It is definitely an unpopular topic, but you are right, one we must all consider and why not check out Forest Lawn.

    I also like the 4G Road Trip ad because you are right it is definitely something parents and even business professionals would be interested when traveling and having the ability to stay connected to internet services for their overall peace of mind.

    Juicy Fruit – Morse Code was simple and I also like the part where the guy said, “A no would have been fine.”

    • Hey Tosh!

      I felt the same way about the Know Your Voice ad. I felt immediately compelled to go and visit the website to find out more about this topic, that I didn’t know about. It’s crazy to think how technology helps in so many different ways. This has opened my eyes!

  • These are all great commercial and a real variety. The 4G and Feeling Trapped DWI were the catchiest songs. Both of these used reality in the songs. Many people could connect with this. I like you need to get out of my bubble as far as the know my voice add. I had no idea that this service existed. They did a very good job of presenting this so as to a greater understanding of how we could help. Start the Conversation was good and was a good idea to get peoples attention right off. The Morse code was my least favorite. I would have done something different for gum advertisement.

    • Hi Margaret!

      Thanks for listening to the ads I selected. I keep going back to the Know Your Voice ad, it had the most impact, I just had no idea. They did a great job of letting us know what they do and how to find out more information. As soon as I finished the ad, I checked out their website – amazing!

      I agree with you about the Morse Code – it was funny but really what did it have to do with gum?

  • Hi Christina,
    Your added were interesting.
    I like the trip one and with 4g your so right. Wife and children alike would probably be so entertained that driving would be more peaceful.

    DWI ad was not something I could or ever want to relate to so it is what it is.

    Conversation ad is so true. It is a hard subject so when it is started it is something that can be discussed.

    I love the know my voice add and it is something the average person whould never ever think about but is so important to a few but a few that should have a chance of choice.

    Gum commercial I think was silly and not my cup of tea.


    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for listening to the ads I selected. I like the 4 G ad, because we can all relate with going on a family road trip. The Know Your Voice ad has made an impact on several of us, it’s crazy to think how technology is being used on a daily basis for things I take for granted. I def. have to get outside of my bubble more and learn some new things.

  • Christina,

    My favorite of your ads was the DWI ad. They were pretty brilliant with this ad. They reached a topic that is highly sensitive in a very careful, calculated, and creative manner. They understand that this is a topic that effects individuals on both sides of the coin, so they were very careful when creating the ad I’m sure. They have the jolly (classical) music playing in the background (which speaks to jovial and easier times), the interesting characters speaking (whom are easy to hear ad understand) feel relatable, and the ad uses play-on-words to solidify the message (who to call for help). They intentionally walk the listener through the small details of the person who is getting in trouble (the drunk driver/offender who is in jail) while trying not to draw derogatory attention to the offender. They put you in the offenders head, in his thoughts, take you through his steps of action, so that you might not have the chance to consider (or focus on) the harsher facts of this reality. The ad is concise and successful in that it wants a person who is trapped by their own actions to call “Trap Law Offices” to get the help they need. That definitely may be one step in the right direction!

    Great post – thank you,
    S. Newby

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I agree with you about the DWI ad, they were very creative to all parties that could be involved in something like this. Your comment gave a great summary of the ad! Way to go!

  • I do love storytelling and these are great examples. Given the typically incredibly low quality of most lawyer ads it is inspiring that one chose to go with that format vs. “I can get money for you”. I love the family roadtrip. You are so right that they hit the nail on the head to anyone (everyone) who has gone on a trip with the family (or dragged children on a trip). The mantra is keep them entertained and in the post Internet world you don’t have to count signs that begin with letters of the alphabet, you can give them the world. The cemetary ad points out that any topic is fair game, you just have to be thoughtful and passionate and believe you can ad value. It’s a great lesson to not be shy about what you are trying to sell.

    Thanks for finding these and nicely done!

    • Hi Brad,

      Thanks for listening to the ads I selected. I too love the family road trip! How many of us has actually been the there? Me! What did we do before the Internet and built in WIFI in a car? I know I heard “Are we there yet”, a million times!

      I agree about the cemetery ad, I know it’s something most of us don’t want to think about, but if you are passionate about your product and service, you can make us believe it too.

  • Hi Christina,
    I enjoyed all the ads that you chose. The first one brought me down memory lane of family road trips. It is amazing what cars now offer for families on road trips. Of course, Chevy is such an iconic brand it is no wonder their cars have all the latest and greatest technologies. I’m used to much more aggressive lawyer ads and found the Trapp ad very refreshing. The descriptors built images easily. Funny to go from the jail to the cemetary and you are so right about doing this now instead of waiting. I thought this ad was a gentle push to people to plan for death like we do everything else. The Vocal ID is an amazing company and I went right to their site. Not sure how to donate and hoping you can enlighten me. Like you, I had no idea of this service. It is truly amazing. The juicy fruit was funny and it would be fun to know what her long response was. I was happy to hear this gum is still around. It is a very old brand. Some things just can’t be improved on.

    • Hi Cece,

      Thanks for listening to the ads I selected. I agree about the 4 G Chevy ad, family road trips can be a lot quieter now. 🙂 I mean I loved playing the license plate games, but now we can all be entertained with our phones and tablets. And, we don’t have to hear “Are we there yet?”, a 100 times!

      The Know Your Voice ad caught my attention from the very beginning. I had to check out their website immediately after hearing the ad. I’m not sure how one donates their voice to the voice bank, but it’s something I’m def. going to look into. They even offer “bank drives”, like blood drives. I’m going to keep up on this and see how I can make a difference too.

  • Hi Christina!

    Great ad choices – it looks like we both have similar tastes! I have really benefited from looking at the five different ad mediums in this class. Until you think about it, it’s easy to think that a single ad can be transferred effortlessly into any medium – but that really isn’t the case. Every medium has its limitation, but these limitations also force us to think outside of the box in our creativity. You can’t see a radio ad, and you can’t hear a billboard. Yet each one has something to offer us in our marketing efforts when used properly.

    All the best,

  • Christina,

    Thanks for sharing – I really enjoyed the “Know Your Voice” and Feeling trapped by DWI.
    Know your voice – just catch my attention immediately; it really made me aware of a concern I never thought about. I immediately went to the website to do more research. Its amazing how a voice – can reach many people.
    The DWI commercial was a great idea – I am sure people will remember this song in times of need. lol But, the song painted a great picture of what an individual could experience. The information you presented seem to be very accurate –

    • Hi Cole,

      The Know your Voice ad got me thinking outside of my little world, for sure. I too had to immediately go to the website and learn more about it. I still have more research to do on that site. I saw where you can have a voice drive, some what like a blood drive?

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