Week 7: Chapter 8: The Set Designer & Chapter 9: The Storyteller

The Set Designer looks at every day as a chance to liven up their workspace. They promote energetic, inspired cultures by creating work environments that celebrate the individual and stimulate creativity. To keep up with shifting needs and foster continuous innovation, the Set Designer makes adjustments to a physical space to balance private and collaborative work opportunities. In doing so, this person makes space itself one of an organization’s most versatile and powerful tools. Source:  http://www.tenfacesofinnovation.com/tenfaces/

The Storyteller captures our imagination with compelling narratives of initiative, hard work, and innovation. This person goes beyond oral tradition to work in whatever medium best fits their skills and message: video, narrative, animation, even comic strips. By rooting their stories in authenticity, the Storyteller can spark emotion and action, transmit values and objectives, foster collaboration, create heroes, and lead people and organizations into the future.  Source:  http://www.tenfacesofinnovation.com/tenfaces/

I think I’m a little of both, the Set Designer and The Storyteller.  I like to say I’m my own designer — I love re arranging my office and desk to suit my needs and moods.  Change out my cork board designs for a more positive vibe or display my monthly goals, so I can see them every day.

Which one are you?

March 1, 2017

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