Week 6: Chapter 6: The Director & Chapter 7: The Experience Architect

The Director has an acute understanding of the bigger picture, with a firm grasp on the pulse of their organization. Subsequently, the Director is talented at setting the stage, targeting opportunities, bringing out the best in their players, and getting things done. Through empowerment and inspiration, the person in this role motivates those around them to take center stage and embrace the unexpected.  Source:  http://www.tenfacesofinnovation.com/tenfaces/

The Experience Architect is that person relentlessly focused on creating remarkable individual experiences. This person facilitates positive encounters with your organization through products, services, digital interactions, spaces, or events. Whether an architect or a sushi chef, the Experience Architect maps out how to turn something ordinary into something distinctive—even delightful—every chance they get.  Source:  http://www.tenfacesofinnovation.com/tenfaces/

I love both of these faces of innovation.  I have worked with some great directors and they inspire you to achieve greatness.  When a director shares their passion and inspiration, the team and organization wants to work harder.  Like with me in direct sales, my hobby/fun job is selling Tupperware.  You are part of a team, which is run by a director, which our director has a director and so on.  Our director will work with you until you feel comfortable running your own business.  She always provides training, meetings, phone calls, and so much support — you think there’s no way I’m going to fail.  And of course, they cheer you on along the way and even give you gifts for all of your hard work.  I want to be that kind of director for my business one day.  Thinking of others at all times!

March 1, 2017

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