Week 5: Chapter 4 – The Hurdler & Chapter 5: The Collaborator

The Hurdler is a tireless problem-solver who gets a charge out of tackling something that’s never been done before. When confronted with a challenge, the Hurdler gracefully sidesteps the obstacle while maintaining a quiet, positive determination. This optimism and perseverance can help big ideas upend the status quo as well as turn setbacks into an organization’s greatest successes—despite doomsday forecasting by shortsighted experts. Source:  http://www.tenfacesofinnovation.com/tenfaces/

The Collaborator is the rare person who truly values the team over the individual. In the interest of getting things done, the Collaborator coaxes people out of their work silos to form multidisciplinary teams. In doing so, the person in this role dissolves traditional boundaries within organizations and creates opportunities for team members to assume new roles. More of a coach than a boss, the Collaborator instills their team with the confidence and skills needed to complete the shared journey.  Source:  http://www.tenfacesofinnovation.com/tenfaces/

I respect the hurdler!  Sometimes, I have big ideas but I let fear and the unknown get in the way of accomplishing the tasks I would love to do.  Setbacks just throw me off and I just put the plans on the back burner.  How do you get around this?

When I expand my business, I want to be a great collaborator.  I’m all about team work and making everyone look good. I like working with the same like minded people, and working towards building each other up.



The Ten Faces of Innovation by:  Tom Kelley

March 1, 2017

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