The Power of Trust – Authenticity & Entrepreneurship (Chapter 25 – Week 8)

What brands do you trust?  Why?  Nowadays new products and services pop up with the speed of light and some eventually disappear just as fast.  Entrepreneurs are working hard on building a strong and well recognized brand.  Providing authentic experiences is what makes brands more popular and better recognized than others.

How do you build an authentic brand?  Ready for the answer?  Be Authentic – don’t just say you are.  Focus on implementing the following into forming an authentic brand and business.

  1. Transparency: When it comes to marketing, your customers want to see transparency.  They want you to be open and honest with them, it helps them feel more confident in their purchase of your product or service.   Transparency builds trust!
  2. Trust: Being authentic means you must get “real”, be open and honest about the value you bring to the customers with your product and services.  Create your mission statement and business values on authenticity.  Staying true to you and your word sends a message that will be accepted by your customers as trustworthy and credible.
  3. Unique Experience: Aim to interact with your customers in a truly unique way.  Why?  They will remember the experience and tell it to their friends and family.  And, in return could mean referrals and new business.  Consumers like to spend their money on experiences.  By building a brand that stands out, you give your customers that unique feeling.  Authentic brands have loyal customers, who are forever spreading the word about how great you are and sharing their experience.
December 6, 2016

  • Christina –
    I love how you’ve broken authenticity down to a few simple steps. It’s so important that entrepreneurs remain transparent to their employees, as well as their customers. This builds trust at all stakeholder levels, and improves employee autonomy, which allows for the development of a stronger brand with more dedicated talent. We all know that retaining talent is so important in the success of a venture. By fostering an environment hinged on the three points you mentioned, entrepreneurs are much more likely to experience success. Thank you for breaking it down in such a readable fashion!

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