Always be on the lookout for your next BIG thing (Chapter 9 – week 4)

Steven Scussler said in his book “It’s a Jungle in there” that opportunity is waiting for you to find it.  Do you believe that?  I do!  Opportunities are everywhere.

Always be on the lookout for products/services that people need, and then be prepared to provide those needs in exchange for compensation.  Have you ever seen a product on TV or in a store, and thought to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Right – I know I have!  Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas, yet someone thought of it already.

As an Entrepreneur, we must think to ourselves on a regular basis “Is there something here that I could change by providing a service or product that would bring me some sort of financial growth?”  We should always be looking outside of the box for our next big thing – whatever that is to you.  I believe that opportunities are just around the corner, if you are open to seeing it.

Use this list of ideas to get in the right mindset to “see” Opportunities:

  • Look at your problems: Having problems at work, home, school?  What’s the problem? Do you think others have had this problem or currently having this problem?  How can you solve the problem?  Think of ways to solve the problem, and perhaps market the resolution!
  • Be present in life: Be open, be aware of what’s happening around you.  When you are present in the moment you will see all kinds of opportunities.  We live in such a busy hustle and bustle kind of world, where we want instant gratification.  But, if we just slow down and be present in the moment, we can take all our surroundings in.  Who knows what might just happen.
  • Go into the unknown: Go into a new neighborhood, talk to weird people, try something new – when you do this you are currently in the “now” and can see things in new fresh way.  Perhaps that’s just what your brain needs to give you that “Ah-ha” moment.
  • Search for a better way: Is there a better way to do what you are doing?  Have you ever tried a service or used a product and thought, I could have done that so much better?  Well, there it is, another opportunity!  Look at the things you do or have heard people do without success, and try to rework that plan into something simple and fun.
  • Be inspired by History: History repeats itself, right?  We’ve heard that and have even seen it.  So, get inspired by something you loved in the past that maybe didn’t work out.  How can you make that product or service better for future generations?  This could be the next big thing!


“It’s a Jungle in there”, by Steven Schussler

December 4, 2016

  • Great list on useful tips to find opportunities! It is always a great philosophy to maintain self awareness, interject yourself into your community, and take new risks in order to branch out in life. I agree with you that history repeats itself, and if I had to add anything, it would be that life imitates art.

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