Groups vs Teams – How do you add employees?

Ready to expand your business by hiring employees?  Great, but before you do, you need to know how to create your team of A players.  Have you ever been to a place of business and thought “Well, if you don’t like your job, quit”.  I know I have, the lack of customer service you get from some team players is not at the level of A players.  Is this because they don’t really have an investment in the business?  They are there just to get “paid”, nothing more?  You see it happening all the time, but you can do something about that with your business.

Yes, from the start try to hire A Players.  Eric Herrenkohl, states in his book “How to hire A-Players” the following:

The Value of A Players:

  1.  Hiring A-Players is critical to building the company you want while having a life with which you are happy.
  2. Stop trying to turn C-Players into A-Players.  It doesn’t work.
  3. The best coaches are the best recruiters.  They attract great talent, incorporate it into their system, and produce winning teams.
  4. Recruiting A-Players is everyone’s job, not just the job of human resources.
  5. Stop hiring to fill positions.  Start making every hire a piece of the puzzle in building a great team.
  6. It is likely that the team you have is not the team you need to get your business where you want it to be.  Get committed to finding the right players for your team.

I think #5 is my favorite.  I see this being a problem in bigger companies, they hire to fill positions, but they didn’t hire the best A-players.

So, when planning your team will you be Team Homogeneous or Team Heterogeneous?

Homogeneous Teams are built of group members that have a similar shared value and attributes.

Heterogeneous Teams are built around diverse orientation!

Check out these resources when deciding to build your team:

  1.  Book:  “How to Hire A-Players” By Eric Herrenkohl
  2. Book:  The Founder’s Dilemmas By Noam Wasserman
  3. Online Article:  “Three reasons to create diverse workplace teams”
  4. Online Presentation:  “Groups and Teams by HBO”
September 24, 2016

  • I agree with you, I like number five also. As someone who has had a difficult time finding the right spot for me professionally in the last year, maybe you employers should make more of an effort to stop filling spots and start asking how they can fit into the potential employees goals and ambitions. I believe they will find that an employee will be more engaged and invested, when they feel the company is behind building them.

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