Direct Response Tool – Testing and Analysis

In this class exercise we were to develop a “two-step” direct response marketing tool for our business and then deliver that and get your ideal client’s feedback.

I’m still waiting on customers’ feedback.  I’ve seen some oh I love it, but nothing in formal writing so we will see if they get back with me.  I reached out to many of my ideal clients through email and Social Media.  At this point it’s a waiting game for the responses, as soon as I hear back from people I will update this post.

I am attaching my two step marketing tool that I shared throughout Facebook (my Social Media tool) and the document that I offered everyone that reached out to me.

Here is the link to my “prize” the “10 things you must know before creating Social Media content for your business” document.  I love it!  I hope my ideal clients love it enough to leave me some feedback.
Direct Repsonse Tool

August 10, 2016

  • Christina,
    I think your “prize” is brilliant, it has valuable tips and useful links to websites! I love it! I’ll definitely safe the info for future uses.
    I wonder, what feedback did you get from the customers?

    Wonderful job,

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