• Christina,

    I love your analogies “the Rachael Ray of computers”! Great job describing exactly what you do as a Savvy Tech. From the standpoint of a listener, you seemed to be energetic and excited about helping others with their technology issues and I appreciate that as a customer. Being genuine makes me feel comfortable and trusting in you and the business!

    Good work!
    Danielle Glosson

    • Hi Danielle,

      Thanks so much! I love what I do for sure! I’ve learned so many new ways of doing stuff in this class!

  • Hi Christina,

    I enjoyed listening to your Elevator Pitch. It was very high-energy and I like the way you differentiated yourself from others. Good job.

    Michelle Ballard

  • Hi Christina,

    Great job! I loved how upbeat and enthusiastic you are about your pitch! Your pitch made me feel comfortable with you and that left me wanting more! I would definitely be a customer of yours!

    Keep up the great work


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