Reflection of “A Refresher Guide to the Social Networks that Matter Most”

This is a class assignment for Ideal Client/Market Identification. ¬†“Write a reflection/response (no less than 750 words) to the Appendix (“A Refresher Guide to the Social Networks that Matter Most”; pp.225-249 in Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen.

I hope you read my attached response and leave me feedback.  Thanks so much!

July 11, 2016

  • Hi Christina,
    I enjoyed your blog post, and I am right there with you. We have very similar feelings about social media. I use almost all of the same social media you do and for similar reasons. I agree that Google+ might be fading out, I mean, did it ever really take off? I have a hard time with Twitter as well. My plan is to follow the author’s suggestions and following 20 to 30 people for a few weeks to understand it better. Great post!

  • Christina,

    I like the way in why you discussed your Social DNA for the various networks. Also, I can identify with trying to determine how to successfully navigate all of the social media outletsto find the one that best suits my business. Very good discussion.


    Michelle Ballard

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