Who is Savvy Tech Consulting?

Hi!  I am Christina Williams, owner of Savvy Tech Consulting.  I am a entrepreneur at heart and have a dream to share that passion with other small business owners and entrepreneurs.  I currently teach computer classes and seminars on a variety of topics to help the small business owner achieve marketing and social media goals.  I have a BS in Computer Science, Microsoft Office Specialist, Master Trainer and am currently in Grad School on my way to obtaining a Masters of Entrepreneurship.  See, my love for creating and building something for yourself is so great, that I want a Master’s Degree in it.

I once referred to as “The Rachael Ray of Computers” by one of my students, a small business owner.  My student came up to me after class and called me that, she said “you were so entertaining, I thought you were Rachael Ray.  I learned so much in this class and it was like a dinner and a show.”  I love to give you the information you need in a fun and entertaining way so that the topics will stick with you longer.

I want to grow my consulting business to offer staff training, b2b classes and workshops, social media management and more.  My biggest dream is to start my own networking group, the power of the people is profound!  What you can do in groups is amazing, so why not share what you know with others?

I would love for you to find out more about me and connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Use our sites listed on the main blog to reach out to us.  We would love to hear from you.